A non-official companion app for the MMOFPS Planetside 2.

Calculates how many shots and the time it would take a specific weapon to destroy a vehicle from all sides in the game Planetside 2.

The process accounts for all vehicle sides, damage resistance, reload time, time per shot, lock-on time and fire mode. However, it functions in best case scenario for the weapon as if it were point blank maximum damage and never misses. Distance, velocity and accuracy are excluded for now. They might be added later. Remember, your in-game mileage will vary!

Most vehicles are present in the app except the ANT and construction items. Nearly all weapons that can damage vehicles are there including several which are kind of irrelevant. There are over 100 weapons in the application.

Possible future features:
Vehicle customization (stealth, blockade armor, vanguard shield, etc...)
Weapon customization (maximum ammo, reload speed, short reload, etc...)
Distance and velocity
Infantry based targets
Infantry weapons

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Daybreak Games in any capacity. The application comes as is and I make no guarantee to update it forever. If you feel the calculations or data set are off by a fair margin don't hesitate to send me an email but be sure to backup your claim.

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